A new community on the water

Clyde Quay Wharf is a remarkable development on one of the most spectacular sites in Wellington.

The international-standard, $180 million project incorporates 76 premium apartments, car parking, wharf-level operations, new public spaces and amenities and a refurbished wharf environment, all located in a remarkable inner-city location with uninterrupted city and harbour views.

Iconic architecture and wharfscape design creates an exceptional backdrop to this vibrant community on the water.

Accessible around the entire perimeter by foot, bike, car or boat, the wharf is a multi-use environment with each activity complementing others to create a vibrant community on the water and a new destination for locals and visitors alike.

By making full use of its natural environment, and acknowledging the history of the site, the wharf is becoming a successful and sustainable destination and one of New Zealand’s remarkable places.

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