Amenities, Technology & Sustainability


The main car park is built beneath the wharf in a weather-proof enclosure.  This is designed to not only be fit-for-purpose, but also to further strengthen the wharf structure from an engineering perspective.

There is lift and stair access to the car park and car parking is available for all apartments. Visitor parking is available at wharf level.

Storage and Facilities

Dedicated storage lockers are located close to the car parks, apartments or at wharf level.  A car-wash facility is also available along with dedicated bike storage areas and excellent waste and recycling facilities.


Secure access is managed via a building-wide security system which includes networked CCTV coverage and a high-quality audio and video access system. Each wharf level lobby includes a multi-media flat panel displays that show ‘live’ resident and building information.

Broadband & TV

Full broadband infrastructure is installed throughout the building and to each apartment, along with a Sky-compatible digital television network. 

Heating & Cooling

An energy-efficient air conditioning system is supplied to each apartment, with all outdoor units located out of sight within the building roof system.


The building features many environmentally sustainable design features, including an efficient building envelope with high levels of thermal insulation, a high-performance double glazing system, energy efficient heating and cooling systems and natural ventilation through sliding doors and operable windows.

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